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The Succulent Chicks

A Quick Guide to Caring for Succlents

We are so glad you love succulents as much as we do! 

Please see our handy tip guide below to help you care for our succulent arrangements.  


Succulent Pumpkins

These stunning, real pumpkins will look gorgeous in any location.  

They will do best in a shady covered area that gets partial sun or inside where they will receive some filtered light. 

Please note that these are real pumpkins topped with real succulents. As much as they love the California sunshine, it's important to keep them out of the direct heat :) 

Once a week, to every other week lightly spritz the succulents

 (our spray bottles work great) with water near and around the base of the plants to encourage root growth. 

Succulent Arrangements

The most common question we get is how and

when to water succulents?

 ONLY water when the soil in the succulents’

growing container is bone dry. 

Again...the soil MUST dry out completely between waterings

or you will have moist roots that will rot.

Root rot = dead succulents.

If the soil isn’t dry dirt, don’t water it. Succulents do better with periodic long, deep drinks that soak the soil to the bottom of the pot.

So when your succulents’ soil is bone dry, soak that baby.

Let the soil dry out completely, then soak it again. Dry out. Soak.

Follow that pattern and you’ll be able to enjoy your succulents

for a long time. 


Size of the container is important too!

Larger containers = less often 

(they have more soil that holds moisture longer)

Smaller or shallow containers = more frequently

(the soil dries out faster)

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